Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10-31-14 Weekly Update

God is so good to me. I’ve had the privilege of preaching the revival services at First Baptist Church Cuthbert, GA this past week, and we saw God do some wonderfully amazing things. The church is doing some great things, strategically, to reach out into their community, and the Lord Jesus is blessing.

Although not the same, I see great similarities between Highland and FBCC. The first thing I see is a common love for the Lord Jesus. Not that loving Jesus is common, but that our churches love Jesus. That common bond of love makes us family, children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ. So, I felt at home among family as I preached each of the four services. I see a common desire to reach out and serve the community in the name of Jesus. We do those things through corporate worship, youth and children’s ministries, UPWARD, and other things like that. But we also uniquely serve our communities. It is inspiring to see and hear of the many ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. I encourage you to think of the reality that every step you take is a step Jesus should be taking through you. Live the Christ life passionately, graciously, mercifully, and constantly.

Sunday November 2 is being called #IStandSunday. It is time where Christians in Houston, Tx and around the country are uniting to defend our faith, our voice, and our religious liberty. There will be a simulcast starting at 7 PM EST. I encourage you to participate if you are able to do so. We must unite as Christians NOW or suffer the consequences of our continued silence, watching our beloved nation slide further down the slippery slope of sin and destruction. Please stand, and having done all, stand (Eph. 6). You can show your support for the pastors and Christians in Houston by using the hashtag #IStandSunday on your social media outlets.

I also want to remind and encourage you to vote. Election day is Tuesday. Let your voice be heard loudly and clearly in/from the voters booth. Vote your conscience. Vote your faith. Vote as an ambassador of Jesus.

I hope we will see you this Sunday at Highland as we gather together to worship King Jesus.